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A leading consulting and implementation partner for digital experiences.

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We strongly believe that positive digital experiences drive positive customer relationships, positive brand perception and positive business results.

The SYZYGY AG board
Erwin Greiner (CFO), Frank Ladner (CTO)

Positive Digital Experience.
More business impact.

A positive experience is one which exceeds expectations, creating memories and emotions that build and strengthen a long-lasting relationship between customer and brand. And strong relationships between customers and brands are the basis for business success.

One core business area and a strategic extension.

Our suite of end-to-end Digital Experience Services enables clients to deliver positive digital experiences across all digital touchpoints, products, channels, and services, increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty, securing a significant competitive advantage, and driving business growth.

The Transformational Consulting Services are a strategic extension to amplify new growth strategies for clients by unlocking additional growth levers in brand, sustainability, organisational design and innovation to drive businesses forward.​

Die Experten der Syzygy Group

Success is a team sport.

Complex tasks require perfect collaboration between experts. That’s why we work in teams that are highly adaptable and tailored to the specific client need.

We integrate seamlessly into existing organisations, either taking the lead or performing individual tasks within an overall project.

Where opportunities arise, we integrate and orchestrate the capabilities of the group to deliver highly integrated, end-to-end services from a single source.​

We service our clients out of 8 offices in 4 countries.

Depending on the task and the expertise required, we create cross-location teams that are managed as an integrated team.

Our clients are our partners.
We understand ourselves as part of the team.

We maintain long-term relationships with prestigious brands, major corporations and mid-sized businesses.

Our clients come from a wide range of industries: Automotive, Transport, Financial Services, Technology, Construction, Healthcare, FMCG, eCommerce and Associations.

We collaborate with leading partners in digital transformation.

We strive to create innovative and sustainable solutions and define new benchmarks. We are certified and premium partners of top technology and science experts. We connect and engage in networks.

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