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Responsibility, togetherness and innovation – these three corporate values define us as a Group, bind us together, shape our daily work and guide us in all our decisions and actions.

We aim to achieve outstanding results – for ourselves, our teams and our clients. For our society and our environment.

Togetherness is the soul of our Group, responsibility is our conscience and innovation is our heartbeat.


We believe that taking responsibility empowers us to improve things. That is why we give our best every day and are actively committed to sustainability and climate protection.


Together we can go far. If we are aware of our talents, give everyone the space to develop, and finally combine our unique skills, we can not only dream big, but also make a difference and shape our future.


We want to make a difference. We want to be bold, use innovative technology to find creative answers in an ever-changing world, explore new approaches and create positive digital experiences.

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Investor Relations & New Business Susan Wallenborn
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