SYZYGY GROUP and Klim team up for climate protection and regenerative agriculture

April 19, 2023

The SYZYGY GROUP and the start-up Klim, which advocates for regenerative agriculture in Germany, are now partners. The digital agency group is thus making another active contribution to climate and environmental protection. Regenerative measures in agriculture store CO₂ from the atmosphere in the soil and promote biodiversity. Therefore, the SYZYGY GROUP supports regenerative agriculture through Klim.

The determination of the CO₂ footprint and ambitions for reduction are now a fixed part of the agenda of every responsible company. At SYZYGY GROUP, it is also part of the CSR strategy to make a contribution to climate protection and to reduce CO₂ to the greatest extent possible. Despite best efforts, unavoidable emissions persist, such as those caused by business travel. Therefore, the SYZYGY GROUP supports regenerative farmers through Klim with a significant five-figure amount. This not only offsets the group’s CO₂ footprint – specifically 1,100 tons of CO₂ for the year 2023 – but also supports agriculture in Germany.

Klim Farmer Lorenzen – Catch Crops

At the heart of Klim ( is the digital platform that provides agricultural businesses with everything they need to convert to regenerative agriculture, including documentation and financing options, access to knowledge, and the opportunity to exchange ideas with other farmers. More than 3,000 farmers are already registered with Klim to store CO₂ in their soils, improve species diversity in their fields, and grow more nutrient-rich crops. Several thousand hectares of soil are already being regenerated in Germany through Klim.

“Regenerative agriculture is the future. It benefits the planet, farmers, and consumers,” says Nina Mannheimer, co-founder of Klim. “That’s why our mission is to accelerate the spread of this agricultural practice as a climate solution and source of our food.” “The more companies integrate our approach into their climate strategy, the more regenerative measures our farmers can apply, the more CO₂ can be stored in the soil,” emphasizes Mannheimer firmly. “We are pleased that we were able to win SYZYGY GROUP as a partner.”

“Klim immediately convinced us with its approach of making regenerative agriculture part of the climate solution. In addition, the convincing digital applications from which farmers can benefit when transforming towards regenerative agriculture,” says Franziska von Lewinski, CEO of the SYZYGY GROUP. “In the SYZYGY GROUP, we are committed to our sustainability agenda. By actively contributing to tackling the climate crisis with regional reference, we strengthen the identification of our employees with our sustainability goals and promote joint commitment to climate protection in our region. We hope to inspire other companies through this,” von Lewinski continues.


The more companies integrate our approach into their climate strategy, the more regenerative measures our farmers can apply and the more CO₂ can be stored in the soil.

Nina Mannheimer
Co-Founder Klim

In the SYZYGY GROUP, we are resolutely committed to our sustainability agenda. We hope that this will inspire other companies as well.

Franziska von Lewinski

About Klim

The German AgriTech company Klim is creating a joint movement with farmers, businesses and consumers to spread regenerative agriculture as quickly as possible, sustainably reduce CO₂ emissions and improve soil health and biodiversity. It thus makes an important contribution to climate protection and food security. The digital platform offers farms documentation and financing options as well as access to knowledge and a community. Companies are given the opportunity to support regenerative agriculture within or outside their own supply chains, and consumers can make their contribution by buying products with the Klim label. Klim GmbH was founded in 2020 by Dr Robert Gerlach, Nina Mannheimer and Adiv Maimon in Berlin with the vision of regenerative agriculture.

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