Chapter 3
Fight for diversity

March 8, 2023

Why must we draw attention to the importance of diversity, again? Why we are still a long way from equality in XXI country?

The strength and new opportunities are in diversity because they harness the strengths of male and female energy. Business as we have known it so far has been based on a male perspective. It was devoid of significant female input, and therefore fussy, alienated and not living up to its full potential.

In digital we play a major role in designing and shaping the society of tomorrow. That’s why fighting for equality in digital is not only important for ensuring a fair environment today, but is actually the prerequisite for being able to create a more just and powerful future tomorrow.

Kristina Bonitz
CEO diffferent

Equality not only excludes no one, but also makes possible valuable developments and changes. Being a woman is by no means a flaw! It not only about the improvement for access for women. The fight for diversity in the context of gender also opens the topic of non-binary people and other equity-deserving groups, including those identifying as: racialized, people of colour, with disabilities, 2SLGBTQ+ and/or gender and sexually diverse individuals. It is seen both in IT and more Digial Industries.

Marcin Stasiak (Fullstack Developer, SYZYGY Warsaw) highlights the importance of representation in development and creation process – “Our workplace should mirror changes in society, especially the positive ones. We need more diverse talents in IT, so that we get more balanced perspective when creating products in technology sector.” Similar thoughts have many of our colleagues:

In order to understand people, customers, users, markets or businesses you need a set of people with different backgrounds, skills and histories, because only through team diversity one is able to grasp and comprehend all their facets. The mix makes the difference.

Reha Yildirimman
Senior Design Researcher, different

What is digital for me? Digital = [“communication”, “creativity”, “data”, “information”, “processes”, “networking”]. Many niches, many areas and many opportunities for many different people.

Delia Sayumi Wujanz
Junior Software Developer, SYZYGY Techsolutions

Even though we still have a long way to go, I am convinced that the digital industry with its future orientation can and must be the driving force for equality.

Frederick Josel
Senior Marketing Consultant, SYZYGY Performance

“In an oversaturated advertising world, it is our job as marketers to create relevance for our clients. This can only be achieved by integrating different perspectives in diverse teams” – Frederick continues.

We are different, and yet we have so much in common. We are different and can share miscellaneous experiences. We are different, and because of this we can bring so many different perspectives to business, social, cultural, or political life. Let’s all pay close attention to how we talk to other and specially to our children. We are creating their perspectives and they will shape the future of all of us.

Let’s listen to others. Let’s appreciate their experience and competence, not their gender, appearance, sexual orientation…! And, regardless of these factors, let’s believe in ourselves, our potential, our skills, and our experience. Do not let anyone stop us!


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