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New SEA strategy leads to lead increase despite Corona

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Lead SEA strategy

In the automotive market, search engine advertising (SEA) is a key element in digital communication aimed at steering potential customers to dealers. Together with MINI Germany, SYZYGY Performance therefore launched a new SEA strategy in the Corona year 2020.

According to a 2020 study from Google Gearshift, 90 per cent of car buyers seek information online before visiting a dealership. Because the primary source they used were SEA ads, that means SEA campaigns are particularly pertinent. During the Corona lockdown, however, dealers’ showrooms were closed in Germany. Through a targeted shift in our SEA budget, we were nevertheless able to give MINI dealers a boost at precisely the right time.

As a consequence of the coronavirus pandemic, we had to modify our original annual strategy with regard to budget optimisation and campaign management at short notice. We couldn’t simply focus on market demand, but also had to consider the variable of availability for the first time in the automotive sector with the closed showrooms. Thus, we changed our perspective:

Our new strategy now aimed specifically at the times when car dealerships would be allowed to reopen, and also at the period when VAT in Germany would be reduced. To do this, we leveraged the flexibility of digital channels.

Through a targeted shift in our SEA budget, we were nevertheless able to give MINI dealers a boost at precisely the right time.

We evaluated how our activities were performing using dashboards updated on a daily basis and then decided how we should allocate budgets in order to maximise presence.

This is how we drove up website leads for SEA and were able to significantly increase them in 2020 compared to 2019, despite the Corona year. Furthermore we exploited added potential by using Microsoft Bing as an additional search engine.

Our strategy in the Corona crises

During the coronavirus pandemic in 2020, it was precisely this kind of flexibility and the close cooperation with MINI Germany that proved key to the success of our SEA campaigns. Together with MINI Germany, we will continue the strategy to support the dealers in 2021: With an in-depth SEA workshop, which will be made available digitally, is designed to provide dealerships with what they need to create SEA measures of their own that they can put to profitable use going forward, for example in the form of regional activities.

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