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Is it possible to structure a website in such a way that a search engine can easily read it? Using know-how from SYZYGY Performance, medicinal skin care brand Eucerin gained 511 per cent greater web visibility in 5 years, and in 3 years attracted 262 per cent more traffic to its site.

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Anyone who has a problem today is googling

Nowadays, if you’ve got a problem you Google for a fix. The search engine is the door opener to knowledge. For brands like Eucerin, which uses consultations to direct its customers to products, pharmacists or e-retailers, this means that active dialogue, trust and interaction with the user are essential. That’s precisely what we support through search engine advertising (SEA) and search engine optimisation (SEO).
In order to raise the visibility of our client’s expertise in medicinal skin care on search engines, we began by determining which technical measures are needed to ensure the search engine can find, read and interpret the contents of the website.

We then optimised the SEO content by performing a wide-ranging keyword search of the online assistant.

To provide a strong search engine reputation, we are continuously adding new chapters to Eucerin’s success story by constantly updating SEA and SEO –for dermatologists, consumers
and Google.

In each phase of the conversion funnel, we take into account what the user’s intention is. If they are searching for a particular type of product, we engage with the user in the conversion phase. Those in need of an initial consultation or who are looking for information about skin care are reached out to via trend topics with high generic traffic potential – for example, via keywords like “frown lines”, searched by roughly 5,400 users per month.
All website texts first go through a “medical check” with respect to EAT factors, i.e. expertise, authority and trust. A medical label, developed in conjunction with our client and placed so that it’s clearly visible to users and search engines, serves to underscore Eucerin’s expertise.

A new page structure with a table of contents is aimed at helping the user find their way around an article more easily and points Google directly to specific content.

The keyword set now comprises around 800 search terms for the 150 or so pages of content in the online assistant, along with approximately 100 products. To provide a strong search engine reputation, we are con-tinuously adding new chapters to Eucerin’s success story by constantly updating SEA and SEO – for dermatologists, consumers and Google.

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