A new star
sparkles on screen

A 15-second spot combines the birth of a star with enjoyment of a premium sparkling wine. Ars Thanea turns the art of making Godefroy von Mumm into a visual treat.

The new line from the German sparkling wine company whose heritage dates back to 1922 pays tribute to its founder, Godefroy H. von Mumm. The elegant vintage quality sparkling wine was launched in 2023 and won five awards, including the Mundus Vini Gold Medal and the Red Dot Design Award.


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For the year-end campaign to promote the premium sparkling wine, we worked with agency Ogilvy Germany to develop an unforgettable story about the creation of this iconic product. We employed a blend of visually stunning computer-generated imagery (CGI) and contemporary lifestyle live-action footage.

On the computer, we created complex simulations depicting a golden nebula bursting forth from a big bang. It merges into sparkling wine drops which then artfully combine to form a Godefroy von Mumm wine bottle. We seamlessly interwove hyperrealistic CGI with real-life images and video footage.

To make the 15-second spot a truly vibrant visual experience, we placed great emphasis on meticulous colour grading and expert lighting in post-production.

Ultimately, the spot brings together tradition and the modern lifestyle associated with this premium sparkling wine, with exceptional images taking viewers on a captivating and thrilling journey into the world of Godefroy von Mumm.

We seamlessly blended hyper-realistic CGI shots with real images and film scenes.

Our Services:

  • Creative direction
  • CGI animation
  • Live-action filming
  • Lighting and rendering

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