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Maintaining data quality
despite restrictions

Working with d&b audiotechnik, we designed and implemented a technology solution to recapture much of the data that is being “lost” due to stricter regulations. Our future-proof solution also provides a new basis for data-driven decisions.

The digital marketing industry is faced with a paradox. On the one hand, artificial intelligence (AI) is boosting the value of data exponentially. On the other, legislators and policies introduced by Google and Apple, for example, are increasingly restricting the availability of data. This means a significant amount of data is being lost. In an algorithm-driven environment, data is both the fuel and the foundation for informed decisions. New strategies were therefore needed to improve the quantity of data despite the constraints.

In our quest for a future-proof solution that met data protection requirements and offered our clients a solid foundation for data-driven decisions, we opted for the EU-based technology JENTIS Data Capture Platform. JENTIS server-side tracking is compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the German Data Protection Act (DSG) and offers clear benefits: it is more robust than client-side options and less affected by browser restrictions.

Using the right measures to recover data.

The additional features of the product enable JENTIS to carry out comprehensive reach measurement. No personal data is collected, but data on user behaviour can still be captured, even without user consent. This allows accurate assessment of how website components are used.

As part of the transition, we also moved the consent management platform to Usercentrics, a company founded in Germany.

Our expertise and best practice approach allowed us to tailor the design and functionality of the consent layer, resulting in an impressive 50% increase in consent rates.

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