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Digital transformation delivers better customer relations

Interested in the impact of merging a number of online channels to create a one-stop customer portal? Allergan Aesthetics is using uniform messaging and coordinated interaction to maximise its relationships with medical professionals. Allergan Aesthetics is the inventor of Botox. This pioneer of products for aesthetic medicine develops, produces and markets skin care, facial fillers, body contouring products and more. The diversity of the product range was reflected in the customer journey, which was previously spread across a number of channels. These were brought together by SYZYGY London to create a central point of contact for professionals in the health sector.

Products and services on a new platform

We developed a holistic content marketing strategy for all products and services on a single platform. To do this, we changed the perspective, putting the customers centre stage and rethinking the customer journey across the various divisions with the aim of fully integrating all the existing channels: from the Allergan Medical Institute (AMI), which offers comprehensive training to improve treatment results, and a service-oriented online shop through to one-to-one customer advice from virtual employees.

But our principal focus was on making significant improvements to the way the customer journey is measured. The idea was to make all user actions trackable across different divisions. Our client wanted to learn from this and act accordingly – for example, to identify training requirements and be able to send out customized content at the right time. The analytical functions we implanted made this possible, with control via a user-friendly dashboard.

Allergan Aesthetics is now gaining holistic insights into its customers, allowing it to connect with them in a targeted way. The portal was rolled out in all international markets outside the US. Depending on need and country-specific regulations, individual content can be flexibly adapted by the local marketing teams.

Our shared journey with Allergan Aesthetics is set to continue in 2023, with the addition of machine learning allowing our client to cater even more individually to medical professionals and support them even more effectively in their work.

Allergan Aesthetics is now gaining holistic insights into its customers, allowing it to connect with them in a targeted way.

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